Our Code of Conduct

1. Purpose

To provide a Code of Conduct that must be followed wherever possible by SAFE 38 members. It is not an exhaustive list, but is aimed at providing a statement of hopes and expectations from both members and the SAFE 38 committee.

2. Scope

2.1 Who does this policy apply to?

All persons engaged as members for SAFE 38.

2.2. Who uses this policy?

Any member.

3. Code of Conduct

Members must

* Have read and be familiar with the content of the Objectives of SAFE 38 on the SAFE 38 website and be in broad agreement with them should they wish to volunteer for SAFE 38.

* Carry out their member role activities with due care and diligence.

* Follow all reasonable requests by the SAFE 38 committee who support and oversee their members role activities.

* Act within the law.

* Maintain the trust and confidence and uphold the reputation of SAFE 38 at all times.

* Be aware of health and safety in relation to their role and seek clarification if necessary from the SAFE 38 committee.

* Immediately report to the SAFE 38 committee all injuries and accidents occurring whilst volunteering for SAFE 38.

* Report any loss or damage to personal or SAFE 38 property to the SAFE 38 committee.

* Wear any protective clothing/equipment provided to them/or advised to them to wear for their membership role and comply with any health and safety rules in force.

* Respect, maintain and care for any property belonging to or paid for by SAFE 38.

* Return all property belonging to SAFE 38 on or before the last date of their volunteering.

* Be courteous towards others.

Members must not

* Participate in any form of inappropriate behaviour or activity when volunteering or act in any way that brings SAFE 38 into disrepute.

* Bully, harass or unlawfully discriminate against anyone.

* Falsify records, expenses or defraud or attempt to defraud SAFE 38 in any manner.

* Carry out volunteer duties when in an unfit state due to the influence of alcohol, or other drugs or substances.

* Be in possession of firearms or any offensive weapon whilst undertaking member activities.

4. Serious Breach

Serious breaches of the Code of Conduct will be investigated by the committee and upon the outcome of the investigation the committee retains the right to ask the member to cease their commitments with SAFE 38.

5. Responsibility

All volunteers referred to within the scope of this policy are required to be familiar with the terms of this policy.

Individual members are required to keep within the spirit and intent of the policy, as far as possible.

5.1 Who can change or adapt this policy?

The SAFE 38 committee has the responsibility for ensuring the maintenance, regular review and updating of this policy. Revisions, amendments or alterations to the policy can only be implemented following consideration and approval by the SAFE 38 committee.